Environmental Sustainability

Looking after our environment is something we must all be a part of. There are many environmental projects promoting sustainable living – large and small, local, national and global – that we can participate in. Looking after environmental health is crucial to ensuring we, and future generations, can all go green and can live healthy lives on a healthy planet. Our individual or household environmental projects can include carrying out our own environmental impact assessment to ensure we use energy and water efficiently and make sure our food, furniture and clothing is from sustainable sources. To help make a difference to others in our own and our global community.


FINEAQUA is a generator that produces nanoscopic sized bubbles in liquids called Fine bubbles. Ordinary bubbles quickly rise to the surface and burst but the smaller Fine bubbles have a lower buoyancy and remain suspended in liquids for a longer period of time. Due to this unique characteristic, dissolved oxygen-rich solutions can be produced for various fields of applications including the activation of organisms.


Efficient biotechnology materials for garbage resolution, "Biotech Yunosa" are the materials made from natural living micro-organism. The food resource recycling equipment MAGIC BIO KUN uses the efficiency of this “Biotech Yunosa”. It resolves the organism contained in garbage into steam and carbon dioxide, and will decrease garbage volume greatly in several hours. MAGIC BIO KUN can effectively dispose the everyday-garbage.

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